3D Printed Dr. Who Snowflake (with Alcohol Ink)

Day #5 in the Ornament Extravaganza is another 3D printed ornament decorated in alcohol ink. 

While I was looking for other snowflake ornaments on thingiverse, I came across this Dr. Who snowflake. I love Dr. Who (as is evidenced by a few other craft projects I've done over the years). I used the standard settings on our 3D printer (.2 resolution and 20% infil) with some white PLA filament to print.

Then I used some different shades of blue alcohol ink on a felt applicator to ink the white ornament into a shade of textured blue. I stamped until I had good coverage of one side and then let it dry for a few minutes and flipped it over, added some more ink to the felt, and stamped the other side. Then I added some silver ink in the center of the ornament.

Sure, I could have printed this with blue filament of left it white as a snowflake, but I love how the different shades of blue create a texture on the ornament and make it easier to see the different Dr. Who themed shapes.


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