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3D Printed Bits Bowls (For Board Gaming)

In our quest for finding useful things to print with our 3D printer , we came across this design for board gaming bits bowls. If you play a lot of board games, you're probably familiar with the need for bowls for your board game pieces. So when we saw these stackable bowls with spouts for easy pouring/grabbing of tokens, I knew I wanted to try them. This photo is a bit blurry, but shows the first few layers of the bowl. This is a simple print using default settings (.2 resolution, 20% infil) that doesn't take too long to print. We printed using some black SunLu PLA filament . There are two sizes of bowls in the design files and after printing one, we decided we needed to print more. We printed a couple of both sizes and then tested them out with game pieces. The bowls stack together nice and compactly which makes them easier to store. The print comes out clean and sturdy without any modifications. We were really pleased with this design. We tested the bowls out while playing a

Thanksgiving Faux Stained Glass Panel

I've been wanting to try this project for quite a while. Ever since I tried making faux stained glass panels with inked laminating pouches , I wanted to try making more traditional stained glass panels by painting the ink in between the sections of the vinyl. Of course, since it's a project I wanted to try for quite a while, that meant that nothing went according to plan. I tried doing this project last week, but after cutting a Thanksgiving/fall themed design out of vinyl on my old Silhouette , I tried weeding (removing the excess vinyl) and realized that most of the design didn't cut properly. So, I tried again. This time I set it to cut twice and put the vinyl on the sticky cutting mat (instead of directly off the roll). Well, about halfway through the cut, I realized what was wrong...the blade wasn't all the way down in the blade holder (facepalm). So I ended up cutting a third time after I fixed the blade, and of course, it was perfect. So this time when I weeded t

Fall Craft Collection

This week's craft tutorial is delayed. In the mean time, check out the blog's collection of fall inspired crafts: Fall Craft Collection Fall Pen Bouquet Thanksgiving Candles Decoupaged Thanksgiving Plaque Decorative Thanksgiving Tiles with Vinyl Decals

3D Printed Dog Shaped Cell Phone Stand

We were looking for something simple to print on the 3D printer one afternoon while we were home, and we found these cute cell phone stands: Cat and Dog Phone Stand. We used some black filament to print our dog stands using standard defaults. It's always fun to see the prints as they grow and change. This print came out perfectly. It popped right off the print bed after a short cool down. Lest you think we never have any issues with our prints. I tried printing this project standing up--as the file downloads, but it's designed to be printed laying flat. Once I rotated the design in the slicing program, it worked perfectly. The black ones turned out so well, that I printed two so they could be used as a tablet stand, too. I'm please with how these cute phone stands turned out and looking forward to our next print!