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Easter Craft Collection

Check out all the Easter Craft projects here: Easter Craft Collection . Check out some of my recent favorites by clicking on the links below their pictures. Alcohol Ink Plastic Easter Eggs 3D Printed Easter Ornaments 3D Printed Egg Holder Easter Bunny Alcohol Ink on Spray Painted Plastic Easter Eggs Alcohol Ink Easter Sun Catchers

UV Resin Sealed Alcohol Ink Washer Necklaces

Over the last few weeks, I've been putting the T-Rex alcohol inks through their paces. I started out with a test of the warm and cool tone sets and continued to use the sets to try out some standard alcohol ink methods ( plastic wrap , flaming , etc...). They've been a pleasure to work with, and though you do have to watch out for the inks getting dark because the colors are so nicely saturated, they are usually in line with the other quality inks ( Ranger , Pinata ) that I've worked with. So, I decided I would try them out with a classic craft blog project-- Washer Necklaces . This would also give me the opportunity to try sealing the necklaces with UV Resin (which has been on my to do list ever since I first tried the stuff ). So I got out a few large washers (the kind you get from the hardware store) and a collection of blue T-Rex inks, some paint brushes, rubbing alcohol, and a small pan for mixing/thinning ink. I also used a lighter to help move and set the ink. The

Alcohol Ink and Plastic Wrap "Lucky" Plate

After the last couple weeks' projects testing out T-Rex Alcohol Ink , I decided I needed to try out the plastic wrap method with these inks to see if it worked as well as the Ranger and Pinata Inks .  I grabbed a plate from Dollar Tree and all of the shades of green from the T-Rex Alcohol Ink Sets and spread out a piece of plastic wrap on a craft mat . I dripped ink from several shades of green ink onto the plastic wrap and then added a couple of drips of rubbing alcohol to a couple dark spots to help them spread out. Once the plastic wrap was completely covered, I set the glass plate on top of the plastic wrap. After the plate was wrapped up in the plastic, I let it dry for a couple of days before I peeled the plastic off. I usually let it dry for 24 hours before I remove the plastic, but this time, the ink looked a little tacky on the day after I wrapped it up, so I let it set for another day. That seems to be a trend with the T-Rex Ink (that it takes longer to dry). I had to

Flamed Alcohol Ink Vases

I picked up these square vases from Dollar Tree knowing they'd be fun to ink since their mostly flat sides would mean I could lay them down to ink. So after testing out the T-rex warm and cool tone sets , I decided to try using their inks with fire--and these vases would be just the ticket. Flaming alcohol ink is a ton of fun , but I've never set this brand on onto yet another experiment! I set up my area to be fire safe. I put a silicon mat on my table, followed by a couple of cork trivets , then a baking sheet covered in foil (mostly to keep it from getting all inky). Then you'll need a long necked lighter and some rubbing alcohol (mine's in the little bottle ). I started by getting a base of ink in a few different colors. I selected a shade of green, blue, aqua from the T-rex sets . Then I added a bit of rubbing alcohol and moved all the inks and rubbing alcohol away from the baking sheet and lit the ink (and rubbing alcohol) on fire. The ink spreads and