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Letter Art

On Pinterest I saw a link to this wonderful flickr page  that has hundreds of photos of letters that you can use to make your very own letter art. After about an hour of downloading my favorites, they sat in my photo folder on my computer until I found the right inexpensive frame to put them in. For this project you'll need the following: digital photos of letters photo paper frame I had some matte photo paper that we inherited from my husband's family (it is ancient stuff from when ink jet printers first started being sold) that works well for black and white photos, so I went ahead and gray scaled my favorite choices and printed them out.  If you wanted to print them in glossy color, it may be a more economical choice (especially if you have a long name) to have them sent to Costco or Walgreen's or whatever your favorite photo site is that does 10-15 cent 4 X 6 prints. After they are printed, cut them out and arrange in your frame.  Super simple.  I found my