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Alcohol Ink Glass Gems with White Ink

I have made my fair share of projects with those flat marbles that you can get at the craft store or dollar store. The glass gems have been glittered and backed with paper , but the most popular projects all involve alcohol ink . I have tried several different methods for making the colors stand out more on the clear surface: paint , stickers , foil tape , tinfoil ....So I came up with another trick to try. I realized that the Pinata set of alcohol inks comes with an opaque white ink (Ranger has one too called Snow Cap --but it's sold individually and kind of hard to track down for a decent price). I almost always use Ranger brand Alcohol Inks as they are little thinner and easier to use (but mostly because I'm just used to them and they come in way more colors), so I hadn't even really thought about using Pinata's white one, but it dawned on me that it might be yet another way to get the colors to pop more. I laid out my crafting mats  to protect the ta

Watercolor Rainbow Butterfly Cards

I participated in a card exchange at the end of the summer and decided to make my cards. I knew I wanted to use my new butterfly punch  but I couldn't figure out how to use it. I figure you couldn't go wrong with combining it with rainbow paper. I didn't have any rainbow paper in my scrapbook stash, so I decided to make it. I taped some watercolor paper to some foam board and mixed my colors with quite a bit of water to make a rainbow gradient across the paper in the traditional ROYGBIV order. This was a lot of fun and didn't take too much time. It really got me itching to paint some pictures again. I ended up making a few sheets of rainbow paper, but you could make 4 cards with one regular sized sheet of watercolor paper. After my paper had dried, I cut it into fourths. I just folded the paper to guide my scissors, but you could also use a paper cutter to make it even neater. Then I used my butterfly punch to cut the silhouette of a butterfly out

Recycled Tin Can

We bought a giant can of peanuts a while back at Big Lot. After my husband devoured them, I was about to toss the can in the trash when I realized it wasn't the usual foil lined cardboard, but was instead a full fledged corrugated metal can. It looked just like a big old coffee can with its resealable lid and all. So I knew I had to save it, if for nothing else than to throw nails in it in the garage. In my mind, I thought I could do something a little snazzier, though. Probably the hardest part of this project (and not all that hard) was a step that I didn't get any photos of--removing the glue after I ripped the label off. It was that hard non-sticky label glue. My usual go to for excess glue is goo-gone . I sprayed it on the glue and waited a minute--nothing happened. So then I grabbed a butter knife and started to try to scrape it off. I didn't make much of a dent. Then, I decided to run the glue under hot water. This made the glue tacky again and I was abl

Fall Crafts Collection

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