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Fall Craft Collection

Check out the collection of fall and autumn crafts on Sarah Jane's Craft Blog: Fall Craft Collection . Check out a few of my favorites below: Fall Wreath Alcohol Ink and Vinyl Tiles Dollar Tree Altar Candles decorated with Fall Napkins Fall Plaque made with Mod Podge and Tissue Paper Alcohol Ink and Vinyl (cut on a Machine) Tiles Laminator plastic and Alcohol Ink Sun Catchers  

3D Printed Mini Scotty Dog with Bobble Head and Tail

I found the cute design for some Scotty Dogs with bobble heads and bobble tails and thought it was a perfect for a quick project. I set up our printer with some purple PLA and sliced the design in Cura's slicer following the instructions in the design (.2 resolution, 35% infil), but I didn't include the recommended raft. The instructions suggest that a raft will make it easier to get your print off of the print bed without the risk of breaking the "spring" in the head and tail. I thought I'd risk it and just leave it to cool for a while if it stuck. The print took about an hour and came out perfectly. A couple of taps on the edge of the dog with a putty knife and the project came off of the bed easily. (If you're curious, we use the smooth side of the print bed on the Ender 3 version 2 and use hairspray for bed adhesion.) After the first one went so smoothly, I noticed that the shape reminded me of my parent's Miniature Schnauzer so I made one in gray

3D Printed Balance Bird

This week I picked a 3D print project from Thingiverse that I had been eyeing for a while. This adorable balancing bird design was a snap to print. I followed the instructions on the original post and printed the bird with .2 percent resolution and 10% infil. I selected a purple PLA filament for this print because purple is my favorite color (and because it was already in the printer from last week's print ). I started by printed the body of the bird first. I came down to check on the print, and it had already finished. It took about 45 minutes to complete. I printed the wing section next. This on is bigger so it took a bit longer--about an hour and a half--to print. It came out well aside from a little roughness on the edges of the coin holders. Lastly, I printed the twig stand. This one printed about as quickly as the body (45 minutes) and came out clean. Next we had to slide the wings into the body and put coins in the coin holder. We were able to get the bird to balance on

3D Printed Dinosaur Clip

This week's 3D printe r project was a quick print. This Minisaurs miniature dinosaur clip print was a perfect print to squeeze in between other projects and chores. I set the print up using the recommended settings: .2 resolution and 35% infil for printing it in the mini base design size. The instructions said you don't need as much infil as you size it up. The dinosaur is pretty small. I had a hard time taking pictures of it while it was printing since the print head pretty much covered the whole design. I printed it with purple PLA and the whole project only took about an hour and 45 minutes to print. The print came out perfectly and I was able to open it's jaws by pushing on the back legs pretty much immediately after peeling it off the print bed. This was turned out so well that I kind of want to print some of the other designs in other colors!