3D Printed Dinosaur Clip

This week's 3D printer project was a quick print. This Minisaurs miniature dinosaur clip print was a perfect print to squeeze in between other projects and chores.

I set the print up using the recommended settings: .2 resolution and 35% infil for printing it in the mini base design size. The instructions said you don't need as much infil as you size it up. The dinosaur is pretty small. I had a hard time taking pictures of it while it was printing since the print head pretty much covered the whole design.

I printed it with purple PLA and the whole project only took about an hour and 45 minutes to print.

The print came out perfectly and I was able to open it's jaws by pushing on the back legs pretty much immediately after peeling it off the print bed. This was turned out so well that I kind of want to print some of the other designs in other colors!


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