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American the Beautiful Sign

I found another metal sign blank in my craft stash, so clearly, I had to make another sign .  I located a couple of patriotic designs in my library of freebies from the Design Store. I found a couple and loaded some dark blue permanent vinyl into my old Silhouette Cameo . After the design was cut, I sliced apart the two designs with scissors, and I started weeding out the one I chose for this sign. I saved some of the stars as I was weeding and placed them around the design. This design had tiny slivers in the As that were a real pain to get into place, but in the end, I was successful! Then I applied transfer tape over the design and rubbed it down with the handle of my  weeding tool . Then I peeled the paper backing off of the design. Then I applied the transfer tape and the decal onto the sign and rubbed the vinyl down with the weeding tool's handle again. Then comes my favorite part. I peeled the transfer tape off to reveal the design. I held my breath as I peeled the tape off

Hand Made with Love Sign

Last week , I cut some vinyl out to make a sign. Since I was cutting with white vinyl. Since I needed to fill up my craft mat (to avoid oddly shaped scraps of vinyl), I cut out a few other designs. This design ("Hand Made with Love"), I picked out for this Mason Jar shaped sign blank from Dollar Tree. I was able to get both designs and some spare dog paws cut out of this sheet of white permanent vinyl on my old Silhouette Cameo . I cut the "Hand Made with Love" design out of the sheet of vinyl and used a  weeding tool to remove the excess vinyl. After the design had been weeded, I cut a piece of transfer tape to size. Since the design wasn't a solid square inch size, I folded the sheet of transfer tape and the design to help me find the middle and keep things straight. I applied the transfer tape and rubbed the letters to make sure they were stuck well to the tape, then I peeled off the paper backing and applied the tape and vinyl to the sign. I rubbed down th

Dollar Store House Shaped Sign Blank and Vinyl Decal Sign

I've been on a sign kick lately, but I knew I needed to make another one when I saw this cute house-shaped sign blank at my local Dollar Tree. I found a good design to cut in my library of freebies from the Silhouette store. I measured my sign to set the size of the design. Then I crammed some other designs on the 12 x 12 square to fill out a craft mat worth of cutting. I used some white permanent glossy vinyl and set it to the standard glossy vinyl settings (I added a point to the force setting because the Silhouette vinyl is thick). Then I let my old Silhouette cut away. After the Silhouette was done cutting, I peeled it off the mat and cut apart the different designs. Then I grabbed a weeding tool to start pulling off the excess vinyl. After I removed the excess vinyl from the design, I cut out a square of transfer tape the same size as the design. Then I applied the transfer tape to the vinyl and rubbed it down with the handle of my weeding tool. After a lot of hemming and h

Sign Craft Collection

Metal, wood, or ceramic tile, I've gotten fairly crafty with the signs. Check out the collection here: Sarah Jane's Craft Blog Sign Collection