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Heat Gun Blown Alcohol Ink

The current trend for alcohol ink is to use a low power hair dryer or heat gun to gently blow the ink around on yupo or ceramic tiles to create fluid art. I have been meaning to try it out for ages, but I wasn't sure what would work best or how the ink would behave under the high heat (but I've set alcohol ink on fire with success, so I didn't have much too lose). So I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it out. I set protected my table  and picked out a few colors of alcohol ink that would mix to create attractive colors and thinning solution (pictured above is Pinata Extender ). I decided to try out my hair dryer on low I squeezed some ink onto a ceramic tile and squirted some Extender onto the ink and then hit it with the hair dryer. The effect was similar to canned air. It blew the ink violently and created little tendrils. It also is much less targeted than the canned air and blew my ink bottles and pipettes across the table.

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Cleaning Pennies

I recently received a couple of penny books for collecting pennies. Pennies aren't good for a whole lot else these days, so I dug out my jar of change (there weren't a ton of pennies as we have pretty much stopped paying cash for things these days and spent our change stash on a penny war fundraiser at husband's work a few years back). They were mostly pretty dirty, and I didn't want to put them in the book that way, so I set out to clean and sort my penny stash. I thought some of you might be interested in how I did it. First I poured the whole jar of pennies into a cereal bowl and covered it with vinegar . Then I added some salt to the top. The pennies changed color instantly. It's awfully satisfying. Since I had them all stacked on top of each other, I knew they wouldn't all be clean, so I swished them around and rinsed them off in clean water. It's important to rinse the pennies because the salt and vinegar will lead to oxidation if left an

Easter Craft Collection

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Tested Life Hack: DIY Shower Head Cleaner

It's been awhile since I've tested one of those life hack tricks floating around on Pinterest and the Internet. But, I was cleaning my shower and noticed how gross the shower head was getting and I remembered seeing a trick for cleaning shower heads: a plastic bag full of vinegar tied to the shower head. It was an easy enough thing to test out, so what did I have to lose? I'm sorry about my gross looking shower head. But you needed to see what we were up against. It was not only a bit of hard water, but also some mold and mildew--so it was definitely time to clean it. I grabbed a gallon Ziploc bag because it's what I had--but any sturdy plastic bag should do the trick. I put about 3/4 of a cup of vinegar in the bag and attached it to the shower head as best as I could. I used a couple of twist ties and some scotch tape to keep it on the shower head and to keep the vinegar covering as much of the shower head as possible. I checked on my shower