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3D Printed Breathe Right Strip Holder

Just a quick print project this week. I'm always on the lookout for ways that our 3D print projects can be useful and not just silly little toys or figurines, so looking for a way to store Breathe Right strips has been on my wish list from early on. When I saw this dispenser  design, I knew I wanted to try it out. I printed the design using standard settings (.2 resolution and 20% infil) using black filament . The print seemed sturdy once finished and took around 5 hours to print. I immediately put some Breathe Right Extra strips in the holder. They fit perfectly (torn apart from their two packs). It has just a bit of extra room in the length, so I'm guessing it also fits the large strips. It easily holds a 44 count box with room to spare. I'm guessing a box from Costco with 72 is its intended capacity, but I haven't tried it out yet to know for certain. I'm not 100% sold on this method of storage, but it seems to work just fine and would likely fit in a small drawe

10 Year Craftiversary (Anniversary) of Sarah Jane's Craft Blog!

On January 27, 2012. I posted my first project to a blog that wasn't even titled Sarah Jane's Craft Blog yet. I went on to post 33 more projects in the first year of my craft blog. In 2013 I started the tradition of regularly posting (at least once a week), and I've been regularly posting craft projects ever since! Over the past 10 years the blog has seen over 2 million views and featured over 500 craft projects. I can't believe I've even done that many craft projects, let alone, shared them here on the blog. Check out the blog's very first craft project: Fleece Rope Bones Check out the Blog's most popular projects:  Blog's Most Popular Posts Here's to the last 10 years and, hopefully, the next 10 years of crafting!

3D Printed Articulated Octopus

Just a quick print project this week. This octopus design was one of the first ones I saved when we got a 3D printer . The linked sections of the octopus tentacles all print at once, so it's a fun and easy print project. I got some purple filament for Christmas, and I immediately knew that I wanted to print the octopus. I printed it at 120%, and it still was fairly small (about 3 inches across). It was printed at .2 resolutions and 15% infil and took about 5 hours to print. These reticulated toys are pretty common print designs, and they are adorable. I can't wait to print a few more varieties!

3D Printed Spice Caddy

The New Year always makes me feel like organizing things. Some people feel the need to join a gym. I look for spice organizers to print on the 3D printer . Our spice section of our kitchen cabinet has always been a frustrating mess. Partly because we have a shelf with a really narrow clearance and another that I can't reach the back of without a stepstool. So to fix this problem, I wanted trays that would hold a single row of spices that I could easily pull out of the cabinet. I thought we might have to design our own, but then I came across this design for a  Spice Caddy  on Thingiverse and it looked like exactly what I needed. I printed the medium sized design using Black PLA and standard settings (.2 resolution and 20% infil). The instructions were a bit vague about settings, so I used default and they came out very sturdy, so I kept using those settings. I did have to print the design on the diagonal to get it to print on our print bed, but there was just enough room. So far I

2021 Best of the Blog

Happy New Year! For the last several years, I've used one of the first posts of the New Year to share the best projects from the previous year. Click here: Best of the Blog to view previous year's lists.   To start the list, I'll share the most viewed projects from last year. The first up is my Frequently Asked Questions about Alcohol Ink post. I hope this article helps crafters who are just starting out with Alcohol Inks or who are interested in getting started. The second most viewed project, was my Faux Stained Glass Panels project. These were a ton of fun to make and looked great hanging in my window most of last year! The 3rd most popular post from last year were these Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink Switch Plates . I love using the plastic wrap method for applying ink. It's so easy and the results are so much fun. The 4th most popular post of the year was this Alcohol Inked Glass Plate Backed with White Spray Paint . This is the only post in the top 5 that I'd ki