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Using a Scorch Marker on Wooden Ornament Blanks

During the fall Prime Days, there was a sale on Scorch Markers . I saw these online a while back and thought that they looked super cool--you can burn wood without using a wood-burning tool, and since it's a marker, you can use stencils. This is not a sponsored post, I purchased this marker and thought I'd share how it went when I used it for the first time. A few weeks ago, I cut a bunch of designs out of vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo . So far I've made a bunch of signs , but this time I just used a star cut-out as a stencil. You could easily just cut a star out of some sticky shelf liner or contact paper to achieve the same results without needing to own a cutting machine. I applied my vinyl to some wooden ornament blanks  and got out my Scorch Marker. The marker needed to be primed like a paint marker, but after that, it worked really easily. I colored inside the star outline and outside of the star itself to see how the vinyl worked as a stencil and how the marker w

Thanksgiving Signs

Last week I made a pumpkin spice sign out of a wooden pumpki n from Dollar Tree. The project was working so well, that I opted to turn a few more of the vinyl decals I cut from the week before that. I found some free designs and some freebies from the Sillhouette stores and made 3 pages of cuts all at once out of black vinyl I don't remember where this week's designs came from (that's what I get for cutting a bunch all at once). I used standard settings for glossy permanent vinyl on my old Silhouette and let the machine run. After cutting out all of my designs, I separated the designs from each other using scissors and set them aside for each project. I had a couple of wooden signs from a trip to JoAnne's ages ago that I hadn't made anything with, so after the Pumpkin Spice sign turned out so well, I decided to give them a similar treatment. I painted the signs with a layer of thinned-out brown craft paint and a tiny drip of maroon paint to make it warmer in c

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Sign with Vinyl Decals and Paint

Last week I cut a bunch of designs out on my Silhouette Cameo (v.2--it's an oldie, but still kicking). I made a couple of signs, but I'm back this week with more. This time, I used the vinyl decals as a resist to create a painted sign. I started by setting up a bunch of designs in the Silhouette studio. I think the Pumpkin Spice design came from a page that was doing a free trial.  Then, I cut all the designs out on black permanent vinyl . The removable variety might work for this project (since I'll be peeling it off after painting), but I've used the permanent vinyl before to make signs with paint like this , so I knew it would work and hand it on hand. After the design was cut out, I separated it from the rest of the sheet of vinyl with scissors and got started weeding. I carefully peeled away the excess vinyl to prepare the design. This was so much easier now that I picked up a new blade. Then I set aside the vinyl to prepare the pumpkin. I used some brown and bur

Dollar Tree Metal Signs with Cut Vinyl Decorations

Well, it's official. The window for creating holiday crafts has opened. To start off with, I decided to drag out my old Silhouette Cameo 2 and cut some designs. I decided to ease into it, though, by sneaking in a dog lovers sign, too. If you follow the blog, you may remember that the last time I used my Silhouette, I swore I wouldn't use it again to cut vinyl until I got a new blade. Well, I got a new blade , so here we are ready to swear while weeding yet again. I printed a mix of designs and tried to cram as much in as possible. I have some Thanksgiving/fall projects in the works while squeezing in some Christmas designs. The "All I want for Christmas" design that I'll be using on a sign for today's project was a freebie from the Silhouette Studio from a previous year that I hadn't cut yet. I had meant to use the bottom "Dogs Welcome" design, but even though I measured the sign, the design was way too big once I cut it out. I'm not sure w