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Christmas Ornament Collection

  Merry Christmas! Check out all of the Christmas ornament projects on the blog .

3D Printed Gingerbread Man Ornament

Last week I printed a sorting hat ornament, so when I was trying to decide what to print next, I immediately went looking for other ornaments that I could print with brown filament before I switched to another color. So, with that in mind, I found a cute gingerbread man inspired by Gingy from Shrek.  A gingerbread man was the perfect thing to print on our printer with the brown filament I already had loaded! So I sliced the design using .2 resolution and the recommended 80% infil. Gingy took about an hour to print and turned out so well, that I went ahead and printed a second. Of course, I could have gone to the trouble of pausing the print and finishing the icing with white filament, but I've never done that before, so I wimped out and opted to paint the icing. I tried a few methods which failed miserably (see the messy job above). I tried spreading a thin layer on a paper plate and stamping the ornament. It didn't transfer much paint, so I used a foam paint brush to "

3D Printed Sorting Hat Ornament

If you're a regular blog follower, you may know that I have a small Harry Potter tree that I've been creating ornaments for over the years. This year, I stumbled upon a design for a Sorting Hat ornament and immediately knew I needed to print it.   I used the recommended settings for an earlier version of the Sorting Hat (.2 resolution and 25% infil) and used some brown PLA on our 3D Printer . The print took a bit over 2 hours and came out great! After I took a few photos, I immediately hung it up our our tree!

3D Printed Rudolph the Truffle Nosed Reindeer Ornament

This week I printed a cute design for a reindeer ornament with a nose the perfect size to fit a Lindor Truffle.  I printed the design on our printer using standard resolution (.2) and the recommended 15% infil. I used some matte brown PLA . They took about 50 minutes to print and came out great!