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3D Printed Spinning Heart Ornament

I was looking for a fun Valentine's Day print to try and I came across these cute spinning heart ornaments . They looked like the perfect little decoration to hang in a window or on a Valentine-themed tree. I used the recommended settings from the posted instructions. They called for standard settings (.2 resolution and 20% infil) with supports that touch the build plate (very minimal). The designer also suggested turning on ironing (which was a new setting for me).  I used red PLA on our printer and each heart ended up taking about 3 hours to print. Unfortunately, I'm still struggling with dark areas of filament in my prints. I printed the first two at 195 degrees (nozzle temp) and the last one at 190 (which is the lowest recommended for the PLA). The lower temp helped a bit, and it's hard to see in the photos since I put the best sides forward, but there were still quite a few black marks on the ornaments. Nevertheless, this is a cute pattern that I'd recommend. Asi

Valentine's Day Craft Collection

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Moon Lithophane Ornament Suncatcher

I had an idea to turn a photo my brother took of the moon into a lithophane, so I thought I'd share with you how I made it happen.  NASA has images of the moon that will totally work for this project, too. I used the website lithophane maker  to crop my moon photo down to a circle and adjusted the size of the frame and hang tag. It took a bit of fiddling to get it set up the way that I wanted. Once I was happy with it, I imported the file into my slicer and just used standard settings (.2 resolution and 20% infil). If I were to do the project again, and I think I will (Pluto is calling my name), I'd set it to 100% infil so you don't get any shadows of the shapes the printer makes coming through in the final print job. I printed it on our 3D printer with white PLA . The print took about 3 hours, and we had to run it a few times because our printer was struggling with burning filament (leaving dark marks on the print). We turned down the temp to 190 degrees, and it seemed to

Best of the Blog 2023

As is tradition here on the blog, the first post of the New Year, counts down the most popular projects from the year before. This year's most popular projects are a great mix of the types of projects I like to do on the blog, so let's get started! The #1 most popular project this year was a 3D print project making a Faux Stained Glass suncatcher of a cardinal . These 3D print projects often don't get too many views since the pictures shared on social media are usually enough for folks to get a general idea, but this one had multiple parts and drew readers in to check it out. The #2 most popular post on the blog this year was a bit surprising. It was a colored pencil review and discussion of swatching . I love coloring and colored pencils, but I never know if there's anyone else out there interested. I think I probably need to post my swatching file for all the other adult coloring fans. #3 on the list of most popular posts of the year was less of a surprise. Finally, a