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3D Printed Quacks of Quedlinburg Crates

I knew I wanted to print these crates for Quacks of Quedlinburg as soon as I saw them on Thingiverse . They looked like they'd be super functional for storing the pieces and making the game set up a bit faster. They were also cute, designed to look like little wooden crates. I sliced the print files from Thingiverse using standard settings (.2 resolution, 20% infil) with automatically generated supports. The crates have a slot for a lid and a lip for stacking on the base that both require supports. I printed the crates on our 3D printer using some matte brown filament . The crates took 4-5 hours to print. The prints came out a bit messy (most likely because of the supports) but generally printed well and were easy to clean up afterward. I printed 3 of these crates without dividers and 5 with two dividers/3 compartments. I chose to print them all with the slots to hold the cardboard books for the game. One of the 3 compartment crates is used to store the white starter tokens and

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Mod Podge Craft Collection

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3D Printed Dice Trays

A couple weeks ago, I printed one of these dice trays with our 3D printer . I thought it turned out great so I printed another. Then my hubby said he wanted one that was bigger, so I increased the width of the original print files and printed a 3rd! All I did was stretch the file in my slicing program before printing so the dice tray area was pretty much a square instead of a rectangle. Stretching the width kept the dimensions of the dice rack at the top/back of the tray the same while making the dice area bigger. Then I printed it with some Black PLA as directed by the original post (.2 resolution, 15% infil). After the trays printed, I cut some felt to fit inside the tray and used a layer of tacky glue to stick it to the tray.  The post on Thingiverse also gave dimensions for back and side bumpers, I adjusted those for my new width and glued those onto the sides. I used a craft/popsicle stick to spread the glue and wiped off the excess with a wet paper towel.  These turned out awe

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