3D Printed Dice Trays

A couple weeks ago, I printed one of these dice trays with our 3D printer. I thought it turned out great so I printed another. Then my hubby said he wanted one that was bigger, so I increased the width of the original print files and printed a 3rd!

All I did was stretch the file in my slicing program before printing so the dice tray area was pretty much a square instead of a rectangle. Stretching the width kept the dimensions of the dice rack at the top/back of the tray the same while making the dice area bigger. Then I printed it with some Black PLA as directed by the original post (.2 resolution, 15% infil).

After the trays printed, I cut some felt to fit inside the tray and used a layer of tacky glue to stick it to the tray. 

The post on Thingiverse also gave dimensions for back and side bumpers, I adjusted those for my new width and glued those onto the sides. I used a craft/popsicle stick to spread the glue and wiped off the excess with a wet paper towel. 

These turned out awesome and we've used them a few times to play games like Qwixx and Dice Throne. They worked great, and the glue is holding up really well so far.

Since I posted the instructions for this dice tray a couple weeks ago, I thought I'd add a little bonus project. We play Qwixx so much at our house that the tablet of score cards is starting to dwindle. I thought it would be a great time to laminate a couple of score sheets so we can use dry erase markers and make the score sheets reusable.

I put two score sheets in a laminating pouch and ran it through the laminator.

Then I cut the sheets out so they'd fit in the Qwixx box with the other score cards and dice. Now we have a couple of reusable score cards to go with our new dice trays!


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