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Valentine's Day Frosted Pickle Jar

The idea for this craft struck me while eating a hamburger.  Perhaps it was the pickle connection.  I knew that I wanted to make something Valentine's related with this cleaned out pickle jar, but I didn't know what. Then it struck me--heart polka dots. And I was pretty sure I had some heart stickers lying around leftover in the Valentine's decoration box. And sure enough, I did.  So I had everything I needed. You'll need: Frosted Glass Spray Paint a jar heart shaped stickers and spray paint to cover whatever design is on your lid I stuck my stickers on the jar in a random staggered pattern making sure the edges were secure so there wouldn't be much feathered bleed through. Next I took it outside (yay warm snap!) and sprayed it in a cardboard box.  I gave it two good coats and then flipped it over to spray along the top edge before bringing it back inside. Then I gave the lid a couple of coats of red paint to cover up the dancing pick

Mod Podge and Paint Window Clings

So I didn't get a post up last week for a few reasons. The first being that school started again.  But also because we started a puzzle over New Years on the kitchen table where I usually craft because it's the only place in the house with decent light.  This puzzle is quite possibly the world's hardest 1000 piece puzzle known to man (ok not really, but you get the idea), we're not even a quarter done with it after nearly 3 weeks.  It's a photomosaic puzzle which means there are no definitive edges to the images and the tiny photos repeat and are multiple get the idea, it's crazy hard. So I was already behind on my project...but then it just kept getting more problematic. So I took to the little table in our front room to whip up a quick project, and well, in addition to being dark, it didn't go as planned. So another strike in getting the project posted to the blog. I am really on a roll, but I figured I'd let you see what happened so

Most Popular Posts of 2014

Happy New Year! The holidays have been crazy, and with time off from school and work, I hardly know what day it is. To reflect on the last year before I dive head first into the new one, I decided to examine my most visited posts of 2014.  I was a bit surprised by some of these, it turns out that the alcohol ink projects are well received. So here they are--the 5 most popular craft tutorials of 2014! The #1 most visited post from 2014 was my alcohol ink glass gems project . These clear glass gems were so much fun to ink up and turned out great! #2 this year is this  martial arts belt display  vase. Clearly there are lots of folks out there looking for an easy way to store and display martial arts belts. This project was going great until I tried to put the last couple of belts in the vase where the glass started getting thicker--so just be sure you have a vase that will fit your belts and you'll be good to go. #3 for 2014 is my alcohol ink decorated glas