Valentine's Day Frosted Pickle Jar

The idea for this craft struck me while eating a hamburger.  Perhaps it was the pickle connection.  I knew that I wanted to make something Valentine's related with this cleaned out pickle jar, but I didn't know what. Then it struck me--heart polka dots. And I was pretty sure I had some heart stickers lying around leftover in the Valentine's decoration box. And sure enough, I did.  So I had everything I needed.

You'll need:
Frosted Glass Spray Paint
a jar
heart shaped stickers
and spray paint to cover whatever design is on your lid

I stuck my stickers on the jar in a random staggered pattern making sure the edges were secure so there wouldn't be much feathered bleed through.

Next I took it outside (yay warm snap!) and sprayed it in a cardboard box.  I gave it two good coats and then flipped it over to spray along the top edge before bringing it back inside. Then I gave the lid a couple of coats of red paint to cover up the dancing pickle. If you don't want to paint your lid, you can leave the jar as a luminary or candle holder, but having the lid means you can use it as a candy jar too.

Lastly I carefully peeled the stickers off of the jar. This was the hardest part of the whole project.  If you scratch too much along the edge, it might scratch off some of the frosted spray paint, and soaking the glass in water could make some of the frosted paint come off (since glass is such a smooth surface), so peel carefully and then you'll have an adorable polka dotted heart design.


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