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3D Printed Scrub Daddy Stand

Okay, so I may have been influenced by the internet to buy one of those Scrub Daddy sponges . They are probably not worth all of the hype, but they do allow you to scrub tough junk when the sponge is cold and then work like a regular sponge when they are run under warm water. One of the annoying parts of using these sponges is that it's hard to get the water out of the sponge when you use them cold, and they are a bit more expensive than other sponges, so you want them to last longer. So, I printed a stand to hold my sponge so that it would dry out and last longer. I found the design for the Scrub Daddy Stand on Thingiverse. I printed it using standard settings (.2 Resolution, 20% infil) with black PLA . Aside from a little stringing (which came right off), the print came out perfectly. The print ended up taking about 3 hours on our printer.  Of course, a lot of the appeal of these silly sponges is that they are so darn cute. The stand seems to add to that appeal AND it helps it d

Mod Podge Craft Collection

As a fan of Mod Podge, there have been many crafts over the years showing off all that you can do with decoupage glue. Check out all of Sarah Jane's Craft Blog's Mod Podge Projects . A selection of a few additional projects can be seen below. Mod Podge and Tissue Paper on a Tin Can Custom Binder Clips Mod Podged Fall Sign  

First Impressions: Brea Reese Inks

My local Tuesday Morning closed up shop recently. They had the best craft supply aisle of any of the discount stores, and they'll be missed. Before they closed, though, they had a sale, and I picked up some Brea Reese Alcohol Inks. This is a brand that has been around for a while but I never saw them in stores locally and the sets are priced a bit expensive on Amazon, so I was excited to see a couple sets on sale with an additional store closing discount.   They only had two colors of sets available, so I snagged them both for about $4.50. They normally go for $7-10 and are more like $12-13 on Amazon, so I was pleased that I could try the inks out for such a reasonable price. One of the sets was your basic starter with Red, Blue, and Yellow . The other was Crimson, Olive Green, and Brown . I  In all of my first impression tests , I put a single dot of alcohol ink on a dry ceramic tile and see how it flows with just tipping the tile. It gives me a good idea how thick the ink is and

Swatching my Colored Pencils and Reviewing 3 new Sets.

It's been a while since I made an adult coloring post , and since I've recently picked up a few more colored pencil sets, I thought I'd share some thoughts about those colored pencils and talk a bit about swatching. After watching some colored pencil enthusiasts on YouTube, I discovered that they all swatch their colored pencils. I didn't think too much of it until I bought a set of the Star-Joy Gold Colored Pencils . They came with a swatch booklet. I thoroughly enjoyed testing out the pencils and discovering the colors. I was beginning to see why people swatched their pencils. Then, I tried a coloring page (shown below) using those colored pencils and it became really obvious why having swatches was helpful. I'd be looking for a certain color and instead of rolling the dice on the paint on the outside of the pencil (which is often only sort of a close match), I could look at the actual color the pencil made and then find it by name or number. Of course, this made