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Fall Craft Collection

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3D Printed Cotton Round and Cotton Swab Holder

Yet another 3D printing project from our new printer this week. Check out our previous print projects here: 3D Print Projects. This week I decided to print something I knew would be useful. I use cotton rounds every day to clean my face, so when I saw this little organizer I knew I had to print it. I followed the instructions on Thingiverse except that we opted to printed it from the bottom up (I rotated the design when I was slicing it to prepare the print). It took about 6 hours to print because it was set to 50% infil (so the walls and base weren't hollow--they were filled 50%) to make it sturdy, but it came out perfectly! This print job is going to get used a ton!

3D Printed Air Spinner Fidget Toy

School is back in full swing, so just a quick project this week. Over the last few weeks I've been sharing our projects from our new 3D printer . This week's project is a great beginner project. These little air spinner fidget toys print easily and fairly quickly.  I used some white filament to make the hollow spinner. Since it's hollow, it uses very little filament to print, and the print job just took a couple of hours (which is quick for 3D printing projects). We switched to our blue filament to print out the solid spinner. It printed so quickly that I didn't even get a picture of it before hubby snatched it off the printing bed to play with. These spinners are fun little beginner projects for those who are new to 3D printing. They both spin easily with your fingers and can be spun by blowing on them. I can't wait to make more little toys on our printer.

3D Printed Dice Tower

Over the last few weeks I've been sharing some of our first printing projects with our new 3D printer . This week we made a small dice tower designed for two players with fold down dice trays. We made this design but swapped out the trays for ones that were designed to work better with PLA (the type of plastic we were using).  We picked up some  gray filament  this week, and since the tower was designed after a castle tower, we decided to make the tower out of gray and the dice trays in  blue . We set the tower to print without internal supports or fill as there were no instructions to do so. the tower ended up printing a little less sturdy than we're used to, so if we make another, we'll probably adjust that slightly. The dice ramps were especially flexible after printing. We opted for the dice trays that were designed with little pegs built in instead of using separate printable pegs since commenters had problems with those when printed with PLA. These trays worked per