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Custom Binder Clips

As a teacher, one of my most used office supplies is the binder clip. So when I saw these on Pinterest, it seemed like the perfect project. I started off by choosing a few slightly dinged up binder clips from my stash of office supplies. For this project you'll need: Binder Clips Scrapbook Paper A scissors and/or paper cutter Mod Podge and brush Optional: A post-it note I started off by making a pattern of the binder clip with a post-it note. You could use any size binder clip you want, but the one's I used ended up being 1 1/4" wide . When I wrapped the post it note around it and trimmed along the top on the opposite side, I ended up with a piece of paper that was 1 7/8" long and 1 1/4" wide. I took my post-it to my paper cutter and cut a 1 1/4" wide strip off of a 12" piece of scrapbook paper. I then used a scissors to make the short cut (a lot easier to make that cut straight). You could just as easily stick the pos

Washer Necklaces

I knew I had to try these  washer necklaces  as soon as I saw them. It turned out to be a great quick and easy project. Here's what you'll need: Washers (yep, from the hardware store) scrapbook paper Mod Podge (and a brush for application) a craft knife and cutting surface fine sandpaper and/or emery board Dimensional Magic or Paper Glaze or other similar glue leather cording or ribbon After you've chosen your scrapbook paper, use the washer as a guide to trace around with a craft knife (or trace around with a pencil and cut out with a scissors--but the craft knife was a bit faster and got a closer cut). Next, apply Mod Podge to the fronts of the washers and carefully place the paper rings onto the washers. Make sure the edges are glued securely by running your glue brush along the edge of the washer after the paper is securely placed. After the glue has dried, use sandpaper or an emery board to smooth out any not-so-perfec

Milk Jug Light Diffuser

I first saw this quick project for creating a milk jug light diffuser on EPBOT (which is the creative blog of Cake Wrecks creator Jen Yates). Since I hope to be taking more photos of craft projects, I figured trying out a simple way to make the pictures a bit better would be a no brainer. All you need for this project is an empty milk jug. Clean it out and peel off the label. Cut the bottom and the spout off of the milk jug. That's it. Simply put the jug over whatever it is that you are photographing and take your photo through the opening at the top. The picture below was taken on an overcast day, indoors, with no flash or overhead lighting. Not too shabby. Then just crop the photo down to get rid of the unsightly milk jug. :) This key chain was in a Valentine's Day care package my sister sent me. I thought it would make a great test subject for the milk jug--and the bonus is that I get to show off her handy work. Well done sis!

More Glass Gem Magnets

After making the glitter magnets , I felt the need to try out some of the other designs out there for using glass gems. Using scrapbook paper to make magnets seemed like the next logical project. This is a crazy simple project. Grab your glass gems from Michael's or the dollar store (be sure to look for ones that are smooth without cracks or lines). Find some scrapbook paper or magazine photo. Cut the paper to the size of the bead and glue it on the back. Since the gems are not perfectly circular and each are different, I just held the gem to the paper and cut around it (you could trace around the gem or use an appropriately sized circle punch if you've got one).. The only tricky part about this project, is that I have seen tutorials using all kinds of different glue. I had no idea what would work out the best, so I started by using Mod Podg e. Mod Podge worked very well except it dried just a bit cloudy and left voids where there wasn't enough glue

Ceramic Tile Coasters

When I saw this project on line, I knew I had to try it. Super easy and inexpensive and they end up looking like classy expensive coasters. So I went through the stack of scrap book paper that I had acquired. I chose a muted swirly design that I thought would work well with lots of different d├ęcor and whacked it to pieces with my trusty long arm paper cutter . (What, you don't have a paper cutter? Well you must not be a crafty teacher then. :) It is a worthwhile investment if you do projects with paper regularly, but I'm sure a ruler and a scissors or a rotary cutter would work just fine.) You'll need the following: 4- 4 1/4" ceramic tiles (They usually sell for about 15 cents a piece at the hardware store) 1- 12" piece of scrapbook paper of your choosing Mod Podge and a foam brush for application Squares of craft felt or fleece remnants (or you could uses stick on felt circles) Fabric glue  (or a glue gun with glue) Supplies for cutti

Crafting in Process: Loom Scarf

I was able to pick up some round hoop loom and long loom sets from Tuesday Morning. Each set had four looms for $7.99. I thought it was a steal! (They are just like this one below that sells for $16-25 on Amazon.) So now I have to teach myself how to use them. Since I have zero knitting skill and I was taught how to do the basic crochet stitch about 10 years ago and have forgotten it all...I'm a real novice when it comes to doing this kind of stuff. My husband bought me a book...and I watched some videos on YouTube ...and then I started making a scarf using the most basic stitch pattern and a variegated yarn. This is what I have so far--I'll update you when it's done. Perhaps I'll do a tutorial if I get to the point where I feel like I have a clue at what I'm doing. :) Happy Crafting!