Friday, September 14, 2012

ISU Felt Flower Wreath

In honor of another college football season, I decided to make a little wreath to hang on my door for the Iowa State Cyclones.  

I started with a small wreath from Dollar Tree, Red "I," "S," and "U" letters (from the Christmas craft section at Michael's for 79 cents each after coupon), a red wire garland (65 cents at Michael's after coupon) and two sheets of felt (16 cents each at Michael's after coupon) in school colors.

To make the cute felt flowers, I started by making simple roses in cardinal and gold using the instructions from my yarn wreath tutorial. Next I made two different pom-pom inspired flowers.  The first with the loops is created by cutting two pieces of felt about 1 1/2 inches wide (I did not measure).  I wanted to make a fairly small flower since this is a small wreath--so I cut it the short width of the felt square (9 inches).  

Next, fold the strips of felt in half and cut slits every quarter of an inch or so into the folded side of the fabric. You only need to cut about half way through the fabric. These flowers are super forgiving, so it doesn't have to be perfect.  I just eye-balled them as I cut them.

Stack the two fabrics on top of each other and wind them together much like the roses.  The felt sticks to itself pretty well, so it's easy to adjust to make the flower a little flatter or dome topped as you go.  It's a very quick and easy process.

When it's done, glue the edges to the flower.  Be sure to glue the inside of  each of the folds.

Cut a little circle of matching felt to cover the messy bottom.  Put a good bit of hot glue or fabric glue on the bottom of the flower and press the felt circle into the glue (wait a few seconds if using a high temp hot glue gun).

 When it's done, you'll end up with a cute looped pom-pom flower.

To create the fringed pom-pom flower.  Cut strips of fabric about an inch to an inch and a half wide along the short side (9 inches) of the felt square. Cut fringes into both strips of fabric.  I made these slits about the same width as the scissors blade (a little more than 1/8 inch) and cut them half way through the strip.

Stack the strips on top of each other again for the two-colored affect.  Wind the felt up as shown below.

Glue the edges down and cover the bottom with glue and a piece of felt to hold everything together.

The finished product is a cute little fringed pom-pom flower.

I hot glued the flowers and my letters onto the wreath and created a little "cyclone" out of the wire garland.  I attached the "cyclone" by cutting a little piece of the red wire and using it like a twist tie to attach it to the wreath.

This cute school pride wreath came in at under $5 and I still have felt and wire garland left for future projects.  There's just no excuse not to get crafting!