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Halloween Craft Collection

Check out the full collection of Halloween and Fall Craft projects. But, in the mean time, check out some of my favorite Halloween projects (click on the links to take you to the full tutorials). Happy Halloween! Paper Strip Pumpkins made with scrapbook paper, metal brads, and pipe cleaners. Alcohol Ink Jack-o-Lantern Bucket made with alcohol ink and painter's tape. Alcohol Ink Glass Gem Pumpkins made with enamel paint and alcohol ink. Halloween Decorative Tiles made with alcohol ink and vinyl decals cut on a cutting machine.   Glass Etching plates and jars into Jack-o-lanterns using glass etch creme and vinyl decals from a cutting machine.

Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink on White Spray Painted Vase

During last week's project , I mentioned that I had found two vases that I wanted to craft with in my stash of glassware. Well last week I spray painted over the ink, this week I decided to spray paint the vase white (on the inside) and then use the plastic wrap technique, that I've finally gotten a hang of, on the outside. So I took my vase outside and covered it in plastic wrap and painter's tape to keep the spray paint on the inside of the vase. I gave it several light coats of white semi-gloss spray paint  and let it finish drying overnight.   When I unwrapped it the next day, it was a lovely plain white vase. I laid out a piece of plastic wrap large enough to cover my vase and dripped ink all over it. I went a little overboard actually, but had a lot of fun covering it in ink drops. I used a rainbow of both Ranger Inks and Pinata Inks . I set my vase onto the plastic wrap and wrapped it around the vase. I tried not to w

Spray Paint Backed Alcohol Ink Vase

A few weeks ago I decided to try to spray paint a candle jar after I had inked it. It turned out pretty well. The ink popped and was bright and vivid instead of the usual translucent result. I was excited to try it again. When I cleaned out my stash of vases and sent several off to the thrift store, I had a couple of plain glass vases that would be perfect for inking. So my first thought was to try the spray paint method again. This time, I figured I would go for something a bit more subtle; since usually when inking glass, you go for the brightest most saturated colors so they show up well on the glass. I opted for a beachy set of light blues and some purple alcohol ink . I started by swirling a bit of rubbing alcohol around the vase and then letting it drip out. Then I applied some blue inks and swirled them around. Unfortunately, there was too much rubbing alcohol still in the vase, so I had to pour the ink out onto my craft mat  to get a surface that the ink would stic

Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink on Mugs

After I finally had success with the plastic wrap method of application for alcohol inks, I've been looking for anything I could use it on. I tried it on a ceramic tile , glass gems , and washer necklaces so far. When I came across a couple of white mugs in my stash (that I had dripped ink on for a past project ), I knew I had to try the plastic wrap method. So I got out my  alcohol ink stash, a craft mat , some plastic wrap, and two white mugs that I picked up at Big Lots. I selected a wide variety of colors, but avoided any brown tones or brownish greens to keep the colors from turning brown as they mixed/ I spread out a piece of plastic wrap (that would be big enough to wrap around my mug), being sure not to smooth it out and then covered it in ink. Then I just set my mug on the plastic wrap and did my best to wrap it around the mug. I hadn't thought much about the handle, so it was a bit of a pain to wrap around it, but I managed I