Monday, October 7, 2019

Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink on Mugs

After I finally had success with the plastic wrap method of application for alcohol inks, I've been looking for anything I could use it on. I tried it on a ceramic tile, glass gems, and washer necklaces so far. When I came across a couple of white mugs in my stash (that I had dripped ink on for a past project), I knew I had to try the plastic wrap method.

So I got out my alcohol ink stash, a craft mat, some plastic wrap, and two white mugs that I picked up at Big Lots.

I selected a wide variety of colors, but avoided any brown tones or brownish greens to keep the colors from turning brown as they mixed/

I spread out a piece of plastic wrap (that would be big enough to wrap around my mug), being sure not to smooth it out and then covered it in ink.

Then I just set my mug on the plastic wrap and did my best to wrap it around the mug. I hadn't thought much about the handle, so it was a bit of a pain to wrap around it, but I managed

I repeated the process with a second piece of plastic wrap covered in the same inks so they would be at least sort of matching.

This time when I put the mug onto the plastic wrap, I set it down so that the edge of the plastic wrap was up against the handle so I could wrap around it a little easier.

I set the mugs wrapped in their plastic wrap to dry. I left them overnight and came back to them the next day. It takes several hours to dry, and if you pull it off when it's still wet, the lines that are created from the wrinkles in the plastic disappear. So I left it for about 24 hours before pulling the plastic off.

Peeling the plastic off of these was super satisfying. They turned out great. However, they did have ink on the inside lip and all over the handles. So I used a few paper towels soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean up the handles and the inside of the lip of these beauties.

They turned out beautifully! But I have no idea how to seal them. I don't know about any food-grade safe sealers that can be used with alcohol ink. And since I went all the way to the top of the mugs, I can't cut corners on the sealer. So truth be told, I'll probably spray these and use them as pen mugs. If you know about a better way to seal them, please let me know in the comments!


  1. I put mines in the oven on low temp for about and hour 225temp

    1. Did that set the alcohol ink? I've only heard of doing that with paint, not alcohol ink.