Monday, March 2, 2020

Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink on Small Ceramic Bowl

A while back I picked up some small white bowls from Big Lots. I already inked one bowl using the flame method, but I still have a few bowls left, so I decided to give one the plastic wrap treatment.

I got out my craft mat and some alcohol inks. Then I cleaned my bowl with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and removed the sale sticker from the bottom. I tore a piece of plastic wrap off the roll that was large enough to cover my bowl and I set it down on my craft mat, being sure not to smooth it out.

Then I dripped ink on the plastic wrap until I liked the combination of colors and the plastic was mostly full of color.

Then I placed my bowl in the center of the plastic wrap and carefully applied the plastic wrap to the sides without smoothing it out too much. Then I flipped it over to dry.

I ended up using 7 colors on the bowl. I wanted something bright and fun so I went with Purple Twilight and Sunshine Yellow, Sailboat Blue and Watermelon Red, Clover and Raspberry, and Limeade.

I left the inked bowl to dry for 2 days, but 1 would have been enough. Just poke at the plastic and if none of the ink seems squishy and wet, you're probably good to go. It will take at least over night for it to dry.

I carefully unwrapped the bowl. I got a little ink on the inside of the bowl. I wiped that excess ink off with a napkin and some rubbing alcohol.

Once all of the plastic was off, I could see the pattern left behind and how the colors mixed in places. It turned out really pretty! I love this method of inking, it's so easy and gets such interesting results!


  1. Hi ! I would like to know do you use a varnish to proyect your bowl ? Thanks

    1. I spray almost all of my projects with Kamar Varnish. It sets/seals the ink and it won't yellow. Some projects need additional sealers (like dishwasher safe mod podge over top if you want to use it as a snack bowl), but usually I use the Kamar Varnish first so that whatever sealer I use won't interact with the alcohol ink. I plan to use this one as a jewelry bowl, so the Kamar Varnish should be adequate.

  2. Wow, it's so groovy looking. I have to try this.

    1. Thanks! It's so easy, so it's a really addicting alcohol ink method.