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Easy Vinyl Decal Sign

  It's been busy here, so all I had time for was a quick project this week. When I came across this design in the pick-a-design section of the Silhouette Store, it spoke to me on several levels. It also looked like a really nice simple design that would be easy to cut. It was. This is a great beginner-friendly project. I put the design into the Silhouette Studio and sized it so that it would fit on the metal sign that I had from Dollar Tree. Then I cut it using the default glossy vinyl settings. Since I was only cutting one design, I cut a piece of black permanent vinyl a bit bigger than my design and placed it in the same corner of my mat as it was in Silhouette Studio. It cut quickly and cleanly on my Silhouette Cameo with no issues. I got out my vinyl weeding tool and peeled off the main piece of vinyl. I used the vinyl weeding tool to pick out the vinyl that was in between the letters. This one was a quick and easy weed. The letters were thick enough that they cut well and d

Mod Podge and Decoupage Projects Collection

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3D Printed Shark Clips

Just a quick 3D printing project this week. These cute shark clips were a simple hour-long print. I printed them on our printer with black PLA using the recommended settings (.2 resolution and 60% infil).  After the first one went well, I printed one in purple PLA . These were a simple and fun print--just what I wanted for this week's project. :)  

Alcohol Ink Craft Collection

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"Dogs Welcome People Tolerated" Vinyl Decal Sign Cut with Silhouette Cameo

Ages ago, I cut a couple of designs about dogs being welcome and people being tolerated. The design I used for this week's sign was too big for the Dollar Tree metal sign blank that I had set aside for it (I must have measured wrong), but my backup design fit, so I made that sign and gifted it to my sister. Well, skip ahead several months later and I finally made it to Michael's and picked up a sign blank that would fit the design and complement the color of the vinyl (I even had a coupon). As you can see, I cut the vinyl out with a bunch of Christmas designs, so it had been a while. I used black permanent vinyl and cut apart each design after it made it out of the Silhouette Cameo . That cut design sat around in my craft cart for months before I finally found a sign. I used my weeding tool to remove the extra vinyl. After the design was weeded, I cut a square of transfer tape to match and prepared my sign surface. The sign was oriented in the wrong direction for my sign, so