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Easter Wreath

I took down my three St. Patrick's Day decorations (Hubby and I aren't Irish, so it's no big to-do around here) and put up my Easter decorations this week. Most of my decorations were purchased during the short time that I worked at Wal-mart (between college and Grad School) about 10 years ago. I have upgraded my Easter baskets since then, but I have a bunch of tired plastic eggs and plastic grass that I was getting sick of unpacking each year, so when I saw this adorable idea , I knew it was time re-purpose some of the old decor into something new and fabulous. The only new thing I had to buy for this project was some cute Easter ribbon (that was half off at JoAnn's for $1.99 for the roll, and I still have enough left to make another smaller bow). For this project you will need: two 12 inch rounds of cardboard (I used an old cardboard box)  42-46 plastic Easter eggs a bag of plastic grass hot glue gun and glue (be sure to have about 10 sticks on h

Scrabble Tile Necklace

There's a wealth of crafting ideas out there that use scrabble tiles. I just happen to have an incomplete set of scrabble tiles that came from my husband's I thought I'd give one of those ideas a try. You will need the following: Scrabble tiles pictures, clip art, or scrapbook paper your favorite paper glue (I used rubber cement  but mod podge  or Tom Bow mono multi glue  would work well too) an emery board or fine sandpaper Paper Glaze  (or Dimensional Magic , Diamond Glaze , or Glossy Accents ) Glue flat-backed bails (available at most craft stores) glue for the bail (I used E6000 but super glue would also work well) cording or a chain for the pendant Start out by finding some good pictures or art that you want to put onto a pendant. I found some art using a Google search. Remember that art found this way should only ever be used for personal use. An even better option would be to use some of your own photos or art or you cou