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Thrift Store Rescue: Sewing Notions Tins

They recently opened up a Goodwill Outlet nearby my house. Goodwill Outlets are where all the stuff they can't or don't want to try to sell in their regular stores goes. So there are often lots of oddities (and sometimes some really awesome stuff that just didn't sell)...the only catch, it's pay by weight--oh and you have to dig through these trough-like tables piled with stuff to find your treasures. Since the stuff is often just dumped onto these tables, you never know what you're going to get...maybe you'll find a left shoe and never be able to find the right. But it's a total treasure hunt! So, on my recent trip, I saw these old tins. Tins don't typically weigh much, so if they are neat and old, I'll often at least pick them up to take a look at them. When I picked these up, they weren't light--they definitely had stuff in them. So I took a peak inside and saw sewing stuff--old sewing stuff. I figured a tin full of old buttons wa

Spray Paint Marbled Paper Decoupaged Canister

So we recently emptied a container of peppercorns that we had had for years and I thought it was a nice little plastic jar with a silver lid that I could totally reuse in some way. I pealed off the paper label and ran it through the dishwasher on the top rack to clean it up a bit. There was still a big chunk of glue on it, so I opted for decoupage. I found some leftover paper (card stock actually) from my spray paint marbling  project and cut it to the size of my container. I grabbed some mod podge and a foam brush and I was set to go. I spread a good layer of mod podge onto the container and lined the card stock up as straight as I could. I'm used to gluing much thinner paper with mod podge, so it did take a bit of persuasion to get it to stick. I had to hold the card stock down on the glue, and I used more glue than I typically would.  Once I got to the overlapping edge, I put some extra glue under the edge and held it in place. Then I put a layer of

Valentine's Day Craft Collection

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Alcohol Ink Ceramic Tiles with a Valentine's Day Resist

Well, it's almost Valentine's Day and I've been puttering away at a few V-day crafts , but neither of them turned out quite like I was expecting. After a few twists and turns, I ended up with a few cute ceramic tiles decorated with alcohol ink using heart-shaped resists. My first heart-shaped resist comes from a bag of foam stickers from Dollar Tree. I picked these up last Valentine's day absolutely certain that I'd use them for some project. So this year, when I saw them hanging around in my craft stash, I knew I had to try and use them. So I slapped one on a ceramic tile to see if I could use it as an alcohol ink resist. I dug out all of my pink and purple alcohol inks and a felt applicator . I set my ceramic tile on a craft mat and got to work. I covered the tile with raspberry , wild plum , and watermelon colored inks. I stamped until the colors started creating little circular cells in the ink. Then I dripped some twilight p

Stamped Alcohol Ink Valentine's Day Candle Holders

On my last Walmart run, I picked up a couple of these 79 cent candle holders without any idea of what I would use them for. Since it was the time of the year to start my Valentine's Day Crafts , it seemed like a great idea to ink them pink! I started by cutting some hearts out of clear contact paper with a sharp scissors. I cut some with a paper pattern and some where I just folded the contact paper in half and cut a heart--both methods worked well, but I went with the pattern cut ones for my candle holders so that I had two hearts that were the same size. I applied the vinyl heart onto the candle holder and grabbed all of my pink and red alcohol inks. I started out using a tinfoil cradle for my candle holders, but I decided that holding them was actually easier for application. I dripped a couple dots of each of my pink inks ( raspberry , wild plum , and pinata's magenta ) onto a felt applicator for stamping. They turned out very hot pink after stam