Spray Paint Marbled Paper Decoupaged Canister

So we recently emptied a container of peppercorns that we had had for years and I thought it was a nice little plastic jar with a silver lid that I could totally reuse in some way. I pealed off the paper label and ran it through the dishwasher on the top rack to clean it up a bit. There was still a big chunk of glue on it, so I opted for decoupage.

I found some leftover paper (card stock actually) from my spray paint marbling project and cut it to the size of my container. I grabbed some mod podge and a foam brush and I was set to go.

I spread a good layer of mod podge onto the container and lined the card stock up as straight as I could. I'm used to gluing much thinner paper with mod podge, so it did take a bit of persuasion to get it to stick. I had to hold the card stock down on the glue, and I used more glue than I typically would. 

Once I got to the overlapping edge, I put some extra glue under the edge and held it in place. Then I put a layer of glue over the top and smoothed it out with my finger until I was certain it would stay in place. Then I used a paper towel to clean up excess glue along the top and bottom edges and let it dry for an hour.

After the jar had mostly dried, I came back with a thin coat of mod podge to seal the surface. I let that dry for about a half an hour before it was dry to the touch (might take longer if it's humid).

I'm pleased that I found another use for that marbled paper that's so fun to make--if I keep that up, I might just find an excuse to make some more!


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