Stamped Alcohol Ink Valentine's Day Candle Holders

On my last Walmart run, I picked up a couple of these 79 cent candle holders without any idea of what I would use them for. Since it was the time of the year to start my Valentine's Day Crafts, it seemed like a great idea to ink them pink!

I started by cutting some hearts out of clear contact paper with a sharp scissors. I cut some with a paper pattern and some where I just folded the contact paper in half and cut a heart--both methods worked well, but I went with the pattern cut ones for my candle holders so that I had two hearts that were the same size.

I applied the vinyl heart onto the candle holder and grabbed all of my pink and red alcohol inks. I started out using a tinfoil cradle for my candle holders, but I decided that holding them was actually easier for application. I dripped a couple dots of each of my pink inks (raspberry, wild plum, and pinata's magenta) onto a felt applicator for stamping.

They turned out very hot pink after stamping the surfaces of both candle holders. They just looked like pink blobs, so I knew I needed to keep inking a bit.

So I put some red and peach ink on the applicator and tried to break of up the wall of pink a bit.

Still pretty darn pink, I changed out the felt on my stamper/applicator and brought out a purple and cranberry colored ink to, again, try to break of up the pink a bit. I dabbed on the drops of these other colors all around the candle holder and it was starting to look a bit better.

But, in the end, I decided it needed a little something extra, so I stamped on some copper ink. It did the trick. Thought it's hard to tell in the photos, there are little flecks of metallic ink all over the candle holders.

I set them aside to dry for about an hour before I peeled the contact paper vinyl off. They came out very clean, but if you have a bit of bleed through, a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab can help clean up the edges. I dropped some electric candles in these and they were good to go. 


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