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Halloween Craft Collection

 This week, check out the collection of Halloween Crafts ! Happy Crafting!

3D Printed Bat Key Chains

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been printing some adorable little Halloween keychains on our 3D printer . I made ghosts and pumpkins , so all that was left was the bats . I printed these bat keychains using the recommended settings (.2 resolution and 15% infil) with some black PLA . I did print one in orange, on accident (I was trying to print the pumpkin, but the file names were cut off and I couldn't tell which was which).  These little bats printed well and finished in about 25 minutes. Now I have to go hunting my craft stash for more keychains to connect to them. I kept the orange mistake bat in my photos of the collection since I knew the black prints would be hard to photograph. It's a bit easier to see the details on the orange. I bet they'd be cute in purple, too.

3D Printed Pumpkin Keychains

It's been a dreary, cool, rainy, and busy week here. So after last week's cute ghost keychains , I swapped out my filament to orange and made the pumpkin keychains from the same designer. These little orange pumpkins brought a bit of brightness into my life on an otherwise dreary week (weatherwise). I set up the print as recommended (.2 resolution and 15% infil) using some orange PLA on our printer. The print took about 20 minutes and came out perfectly. These are really cute and quick. I think they'd make great pins with the hanging circle removed. I grabbed a few more keychains from my craft stash and clipped the pumpkins into place. I look forward to tossing these in with the candy for trick-or-treaters. There's a bat keychain, too. Do you think I should print that one next?  

3D Printed Ghost Keychain

Well, I had white PLA loaded in the 3D printer, so I was on the lookout for another cute print project I could do without having to switch the filament, and I came across these cute ghost keychains . I set it up using the instructions listed (.2 resolution 15% infil) and printed it on our printer using white PLA . It printed in about 20 minutes and turned out pretty well! Since the first one turned out pretty well, I printed a couple more and raided my craft stash for some keychains. Unfortunately, I ended up with some dark areas in my white filament on all three of the ghosts. I don't know what's causing that (junk stuck in the nozzle? heat set too high? burning hairspray since I use that for bed adhesion?). So if anyone knows what's going on, let me know. I've really only noticed it happening with the white filament. So even though there were some dark spots, the key chains turned out pretty cute. I'll probably check out some of the designer's other keychains

3D Printed Ghost Ornaments or Suncatchers

Made a quick 3D Printing project this week to share with you. These ghosts were a fast and easy print.  I set up our printer with some white PLA filament and set the pattern to standard default settings (.2 resolution and 20% infil). Since it was a flat print, I opted not to print a skirt or a brim and just sprayed the bed down with hairspray for bed adhesion. The print went fairly smoothly, though there were some dark spots early on in the print. They were mostly covered, but I'm guessing this would work better if your last print job was also with white filament. They took a couple of hours to print all three ornament/suncatcher ghosts and they came out pretty well. The sun's angle didn't make for a good photo in the window, but you can see (below) that the infil shows through when hanging it in the window (to avoid this, set it to 100% infil). These are only a few inches tall, so I might try printing one of them big to see how it goes. If I do, I'll share it with y