3D Printed Bat Key Chains

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been printing some adorable little Halloween keychains on our 3D printer. I made ghosts and pumpkins, so all that was left was the bats.

I printed these bat keychains using the recommended settings (.2 resolution and 15% infil) with some black PLA. I did print one in orange, on accident (I was trying to print the pumpkin, but the file names were cut off and I couldn't tell which was which). 

These little bats printed well and finished in about 25 minutes. Now I have to go hunting my craft stash for more keychains to connect to them.

I kept the orange mistake bat in my photos of the collection since I knew the black prints would be hard to photograph. It's a bit easier to see the details on the orange. I bet they'd be cute in purple, too.


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