3D Printed Ghost Ornaments or Suncatchers

Made a quick 3D Printing project this week to share with you. These ghosts were a fast and easy print. 

I set up our printer with some white PLA filament and set the pattern to standard default settings (.2 resolution and 20% infil). Since it was a flat print, I opted not to print a skirt or a brim and just sprayed the bed down with hairspray for bed adhesion.

The print went fairly smoothly, though there were some dark spots early on in the print. They were mostly covered, but I'm guessing this would work better if your last print job was also with white filament.

They took a couple of hours to print all three ornament/suncatcher ghosts and they came out pretty well.

The sun's angle didn't make for a good photo in the window, but you can see (below) that the infil shows through when hanging it in the window (to avoid this, set it to 100% infil). These are only a few inches tall, so I might try printing one of them big to see how it goes. If I do, I'll share it with you!


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