3D Printed Pumpkin Keychains

It's been a dreary, cool, rainy, and busy week here. So after last week's cute ghost keychains, I swapped out my filament to orange and made the pumpkin keychains from the same designer. These little orange pumpkins brought a bit of brightness into my life on an otherwise dreary week (weatherwise).

I set up the print as recommended (.2 resolution and 15% infil) using some orange PLA on our printer.

The print took about 20 minutes and came out perfectly. These are really cute and quick. I think they'd make great pins with the hanging circle removed.

I grabbed a few more keychains from my craft stash and clipped the pumpkins into place. I look forward to tossing these in with the candy for trick-or-treaters.

There's a bat keychain, too. Do you think I should print that one next?



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