Milk Jug Light Diffuser

I first saw this quick project for creating a milk jug light diffuser on EPBOT (which is the creative blog of Cake Wrecks creator Jen Yates). Since I hope to be taking more photos of craft projects, I figured trying out a simple way to make the pictures a bit better would be a no brainer.

All you need for this project is an empty milk jug. Clean it out and peel off the label. Cut the bottom and the spout off of the milk jug. That's it. Simply put the jug over whatever it is that you are photographing and take your photo through the opening at the top. The picture below was taken on an overcast day, indoors, with no flash or overhead lighting. Not too shabby.

Then just crop the photo down to get rid of the unsightly milk jug. :)

This key chain was in a Valentine's Day care package my sister sent me. I thought it would make a great test subject for the milk jug--and the bonus is that I get to show off her handy work. Well done sis!


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