3D Printed Quacks of Quedlinburg Crates

I knew I wanted to print these crates for Quacks of Quedlinburg as soon as I saw them on Thingiverse. They looked like they'd be super functional for storing the pieces and making the game set up a bit faster. They were also cute, designed to look like little wooden crates.

I sliced the print files from Thingiverse using standard settings (.2 resolution, 20% infil) with automatically generated supports. The crates have a slot for a lid and a lip for stacking on the base that both require supports.

I printed the crates on our 3D printer using some matte brown filament. The crates took 4-5 hours to print.

The prints came out a bit messy (most likely because of the supports) but generally printed well and were easy to clean up afterward. I printed 3 of these crates without dividers and 5 with two dividers/3 compartments. I chose to print them all with the slots to hold the cardboard books for the game. One of the 3 compartment crates is used to store the white starter tokens and does not need the slot, but I didn't bother downloading and slicing a different file.

The lids printed super easily. Each lid took a little under an hour to print.

I did need to leave these on the print bed to cool for a bit before they'd come off easily, but otherwise, they were a piece of cake.

Once I had lids for all of the crates, they slid into the lid slots perfectly, and I had 8 adorable little wooden crates to hold my tokens.

The crates are just the right size (stacked two deep) to fit in the existing carboard box insert in the regular Quacks base game. Any other tokens and the cardboard books fit neatly into the other side of the box insert.

When playing the game, the cardboard books fit into the slot at the back of the crate and the bottom of the crate is sloped upward to make it easy to grab the tokens.

This was such a fun add on for this game. I can't wait to play!


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