10 Year Craftiversary (Anniversary) of Sarah Jane's Craft Blog!

On January 27, 2012. I posted my first project to a blog that wasn't even titled Sarah Jane's Craft Blog yet. I went on to post 33 more projects in the first year of my craft blog. In 2013 I started the tradition of regularly posting (at least once a week), and I've been regularly posting craft projects ever since!

Over the past 10 years the blog has seen over 2 million views and featured over 500 craft projects. I can't believe I've even done that many craft projects, let alone, shared them here on the blog.

Check out the blog's very first craft project: Fleece Rope Bones

Check out the Blog's most popular projects: Blog's Most Popular Posts

Here's to the last 10 years and, hopefully, the next 10 years of crafting!


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