3D Printed Hollow Christmas Trees

I have one last holiday print project to share with you for the year. When I first started looking for Christmas projects to print, I immediately knew I wanted to try these fancy Christmas Trees.

This project was the first time we used the "vase mode" option to print a hollow design on our 3D Printer. We used some green PLA filament to print these in .2 resolution with 0% infil and checked the "Spiralize Outer Contour" box under Special Modes in Cura.

These are so much fun to watch as they print. And, because they are completely hollow, they print pretty quickly for their size.

I went and read a few chapters of my book and came back to check on the print past the half way mark.

And then I checked again when it was almost complete.

This original files for these trees are a bit bigger than what I can print on our little Ender 3, so I had to downsize the trees a bit, but I had a lot of fun trying out all the sizes. The odd thing is that they feel fairly sturdy for being so thinly printed. 

I ended up printing 4 trees. I might be able to eek out a tree at 75%, but the design is just a bit too tall to go any bigger than that. I may have to try a 40%, just for completion sake. :) 


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