Funko Advent Calendar Figures made into Christmas Ornaments

Taking a bit of a break from 3D printed ornaments in day #4 of the Ornament Extravaganza with a quick project I did to turn some extra Funko pop minis into ornaments.

Maybe you got one of the Funko advent calendars and you kept a few on a shelf and didn't know what to do with the rest, or maybe, like me, you got a whole extra calendar as a duplicate. I had an entire 2019 Harry Potter Yule Ball set with nowhere to go. So I turned them into ornaments for my small Christmas tree.

All you have to do is use some tiny eye screws to turn the mini pops into hangable ornaments.

I used a sharp tool (in my case a weeding tool, but a large pin or tiny nail or sharp awl would all work well) to create a starter hole in the center of the figure's head (it won't go all the way through the figure, just give the screw a starting place). Then I screwed the eye screw in. For some figures, this was easy, and the screw took purchase right away. For others, it was a tricky process to get it started, but eventually I made them all work.

So now I had 25 Harry Potter ornaments ready to hang on my tree. Just ad an ornament hanger or gold or silvery thread and you're ready to go.

Doesn't Dumbledore look distinguished as an ornament?


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