3D Printed Heart Snowflake with Alcohol Ink

Welcome to day two of my ornament extravaganza! Today I used our 3D printer to print a lovely heart snowflake and then used some alcohol ink to give it some fun color.

I printed this ornament using white PLA filament. The instructions say to use a 50% infil and I can't remember if I did or if I used the standard settings (20% infil). I printed a lot of ornaments and most of them were on standard settings and came out perfectly.

I used a felt applicator and a couple of shades of magenta ink (Pinata Magenta and Ranger Wild Plum) to cover my ornament in a textured shade of pink. If you had a pink/magenta colored filament (or even a red) I'm sure those would look lovely, too. I added some gold ink over the top of the magenta ink to give it a bit of sparkle. I may try printing this one in red and adding the gold ink overtop to see what it looks like.

After the ornament was dry, I sprayed it with some Kamar Varnish and hung it on my Christmas tree.


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