Ombre Alcohol Inked 3D Printed Ornaments

When I came across these stained glass inspired geometric ornaments, I knew they would be perfect candidates for alcohol inking.

So I printed the set on our 3D printer using standard settings (.2 resolution and 20% infil) using white PLA filament. They printed pretty cleanly even though they were small and fairly detailed.

Next, I got out my craft mat and my alcohol inks. I used a felt applicator to stamp 3 colors on each ornament. For the first ornament I used Limeade, Botanical, and Bottle. I started by stamping the lightest color on the top of the ornament (with just the Limeade on the felt of applicator), then I added a stripe of Botanical in the middle (of the applicator and then to the ornament) and then added the Bottle last. I tried to blend the ink just a bit as I transitioned from color to color.

For the blue ornament, I started with Cloudy, then Sailboat, and finished with Cobalt.

Then I set up a purple to pink ornament. This one used Vineyard, Boysenberry, and Wild Plum. I really liked how saturated the colors came out on this one.

Then I set up the last one to be a red to pink. I used Raspberry, Wild Plum, and Watermelon.

After I inked one side of all the ornaments, I flipped them over and repeated the process.

After they dried for about an hour, I took them outside to seal them with some Kamar Varnish.

I loved making these bright and colorful ornaments for my tree. They turned out so pretty!

I immediately hung them on my tree using an ornament hanger. I tried to position them in front of lights so that the pattern was emphasized.


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