3D Printed Snowflake Ornaments

So, I may have gotten a little obsessed with printing snowflake ornaments. But they were so quick and easy to print in white filament, that I just kept finding more I wanted to try.

The first snowflake I printed on our 3D printer from this collection was this fractal inspired snowflake.

It's recommended that this one is printed at 100% infil, but I don't think it's required. I honestly can't remember what I set mine at to print (that's the danger of printing several ornaments).

This one I call the basic snowflake. It printed perfectly, but was a bit plain compared to some of the others I tried, so I only took some finished photos of the flake. It's a perfectly lovely snowflake.

This one I call the dainty snowflake, because it printed so small and fine. I had to massively upscale the file for this pattern to get it to print to be a couple inches in size, and it still turned out to be this lovely lacey snowflake. 

This one is so nice and dainty, that I might try one at half this size and turn it into a pendant for a necklace. 


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