Monday, December 31, 2018

Vinyl Decal Ceramic Tile Plaque: Dr Who Quote

I'm still a beginner with my Silhouette Cameo, though I'm starting to rack up the projects. Using the machine is really satisfying. You spend time designing in the program and searching for images you can trace or download and then it takes a few minutes to cut it. I love instant gratification.

So I've just started using adhesive vinyl for projects in my machine. I made some ceramic tiles for Halloween, I used the vinyl to do some glass etching, created simple monograms for our electric toothbrushes, and made some ornaments for Christmas. So I've worked out some of the kinks in the process. For this project I decided to take one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Who and put it on a 6 inch ceramic tile. I picked up a couple of these tan faux stone look tiles when they were clearancing them out at the hardware store for just this reason. 

I selected a text that I liked and typed up my quote. I made sure the finished design was less than 6 inches and then right clicked on my text and selected "Weld." Welding your text will keep it from cutting each letter separately if it's a script text like the one I chose. I also added a few Tardises (Tardi?) from Dr. Who in a few sizes because I wasn't sure what would fit. I used the trace menu to make these from clip art I downloaded off the internet.

After I ran the Silhouette with the vinyl settings, I used a scissors to separate my text from my Tardises. Then I peeled the excess vinyl off of the backing. I was left with a bunch of little bits of vinyl that needed to be weeded out of the design. I used a craft knife to help pick the little bits out of the letters. 

After I was done weeding, I cut a piece of transfer paper (this stuff feels a lot like masking tape--but it's a bit stickier and comes with lines printed on it) the same size as my design.

This is my first time using this stuff, and it's fairly sticky, so I slapped it on to my vinyl words without paying attention to getting it straight--oops. Then I used a dish scraper to burnish/rub the tape onto the letters. Make sure to go over all of the letters.

Then I carefully peeled the tape off of the vinyl's paper backing and the letters peeled off with the transfer paper. Then I positioned my letters/transfer paper as best as I could (this is where having the transfer paper straight would have helped) and burnished the letters down again onto the tile.

Then I carefully peeled the transfer paper back to reveal my design. If any of the letters don't stick, just smooth the tape back down and rub the letter down and then try again.

Then I selected my smallest Tardis and wedded the design. Since it was all one piece, I just stuck it on like a sticker and rubbed it into place with the back of my nail.

This ceramic plaque will probably get displayed on my book shelf, but you can add a picture hanger to the back with some super glue and hang it on the wall too. I really think I'm starting to get the hang of using vinyl decals. I can't wait to try out more projects. I put some links to some blogs that go into more detail about setting up the design and the cut settings in the Silhouette program throughout the article.

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