Dr. Who Guess Who

I love board games.  I love crafting. I love Dr. Who.  This project was made for me.  A lovely blogger and designer, Karen Kavett, was amazing enough to design a set of Dr. Who themed cards for the classic game, Guess Who.  She then made the designs available to print for anyone who wanted to make their own copy.

I started out by spray painting the bright blue and red Guess Who frames and the yellow pegs. Just pop out the white frames and set them aside. I used Rustoleum Navy Blue on the base frames.  It's a bit dark to be for Tardis Blue, but it was the best I could find. I used some cheap silver spray paint on the pegs.  I sprayed them laying down first, then I poked holes in the box to finish them off.  I'm still working on how to keep the paint on the bottoms of the pegs as they fit tightly into the base frame and the paint has a tendency to flake off.

After spray painting everything, I printed out Karen's cards on white cardstock.  She also includes a question mark background pattern that you can use if you don't like the white backs, but I opted to leave them white to save ink.  I cut all of the cards out using a paper cutter, but then I had to re-cut everything using a scissors because they weren't quite the right size for the white flip-frames. I used a card from the old Guess Who set to make sure they were the right size to fit in the white frames. You could even trim the larger cards down a bit so they would fit horizontally in the front slot, but I realized that after I had already run them through my laminator, so they'll just have to be used vertically.

If you're looking to make your own set, keep an eye out for one that comes in a box like the one pictured below.  Mine is the 1991 edition.  I found it at my local goodwill for 99 cents (score!).

So for a little ink and spray paint and some time spent cutting, I have my very own Dr. Who Guess Who set--complete with Cybermen, Daleks, all three new series Doctors, the Ponds, etc...  I can't wait to play!



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