Alcohol Ink Votive Holders

I had picked up these little votive holders at the thrift store for 79 cents a piece.  I probably didn't save much by buying them second hand, but they seemed like a great size for tea lights.  Then when I got my alcohol ink, I thought I'd try it out on some glass.  

I wiped the votives clean with a makeup sponge and some rubbing alcohol, then carefully dripped ink down the sides of the candle holders.  I tried to keep it from looking too "drippy" and still cover most of the surface.  It pooled at the edge and did look drippy in places.  It's tricky with a rounded surface to control the ink--which is part of the point of this look--a free form stained glass.  They turned out pretty neat when the light shines through them, and I've added another alcohol ink project to my repertoire.  


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