Fun Foam Stamps Part 1

I found this lovely pack of Fun Foam from Dollar Tree in my craft room.  I don't even remember when I bought it, but I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it first: homemade stamps.

I cut up some spare cardboard from a box (the non corrugated kind would work even better, but use what you've got). Then I used a scissors to cut out some shapes.  Then I used some tacky glue to glue them onto the cardboard.  Super easy!

Next I thought I'd try out some paper punches.  The dollar store fun foam is very thin, so I figured it might work.  I could only fit the fun foam into one of my paper punches--the circle, so I punched out four circles and made a single stamp and a grouping of three the same way as I made the leaves.

After the glue dried, I tested out the stamps.  They create rustic impression--a bit imperfect. I immediately got some ideas for other designs (which you'll see in my next post). These are so much fun to make--very cheap and very easy.

Below are some cards I made using these new stamps.  I layered the circle stamp to create a background to pair with my new washi tape that I picked up at Big Lots (3 dollars for 3 rolls!) and I'm sure a washi centered project will be in the works soon.  The fun foam leaf stamps I paired with a leaf stamp I've used before and another blowing leaf stamp--they make me want to buy some orange ink for fun autumn cards!


  1. What an easy way to make some cool stamps - and I love the cards you created with them!

  2. Thanks! They were lots of fun to make!


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