Fun Foam Stamps Part 2

When I left off, I had just crafted some great stamps made out of fun foam from the dollar store glued onto cardboard.  The leaf shape and the circle shapes proved the concept, but after I saw how they stamped, I knew I needed to make some geometric background patterns.

I started out with some strips cut on my paper cutter--half inch and quarter inch. I glued them carefully onto cardboard--eyeballing them as parallel as possible (hey, the end result will look imperfect even if I measure, so why not, right?).  Next up, the ever popular chevron.  I tried just free-hand cutting the shapes, but they were very uneven.  I thought for sure I'd have to measure or print out a pattern...then I had a pretty genius idea (ok, just clever, not really genius).

I cut my long narrow rectangle shape, folded it in half, then  cut at an angle.  I then made cuts at the same angle about the same distance apart (again, I eye balled it because I'm impatient and knew the result would be rustic looking).

When I was done, I had a bunch of shapes that looked like the picture above.  I lined them up in what looked like the order I cut them and picked the best ones to glue on the cardboard. 

My test stamps turned out so well, that I used them all to make cards!  I just stamped the pattern twice on this strip of paper.

When I tried out the quarter inch strip stamp, I rotated it.  

And with the wider stripes, I used a lighter shade of ink.

These geometric patterns didn't need anything too fussy to accompany them.  The chevron got a cute "one of a kind" stamp that I picked up at Michaels in the dollar bin and then was paired with a coordinating solid.  The purple thin stripes were paired with a "Make a wish..." stamp.  I also put a purple birthday cake on the inside of that card.  I added a "thank you" message to the light blue stripe and then paired it with a tag stamp (which I'll show you how to make in my next post) and a textured background. I love how these turned out, and I can't wait to make more cards with these stamps--and I already have ideas for more stamps!

In fact, I like them so much, that I'm including another photo of the cards standing up :).


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