As Seen on Pinterest: Bar Keepers Friend

My knives are rusty.  I used to only hand wash my knives--but aint nobody got time for that.  I noticed that my knives were getting rusty in the dishwasher...or sometimes even if they sat in the dish rack drying for too long they'd get rusty.  I started seeing solutions to the problem on pinterest.  Lemon juice was one...but I thought it might pit the surface.  Then I saw someone recommend Bar Keepers Friend (which I picked up at my local Home Depot for less than $1.50) for cleaning rust and hard water stains off of several different types of surfaces. 

I figured I was in for some scrubbing, so I used a blue 3M sponge for my first try.  The rust spots disappeared almost immediately.  So for the knife above (which was one of my rustiest), I used only a paper towel and a little water to wet the powder.  I had it completely clean in about 30 seconds.  So this is one pinterest pin that gets the seal of approval--totally works and it's cheap! Now if only I could get them to pay me for saying so. :)


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