Card Making: Multi-Colored Stamping

I got a new stamp set that included the bird cage, bird, musical notes, and a heart (which I didn't use).  I thought it was a super cute little set, so I gave it a whirl on some white paper to get a feel for it.  I knew that my new silver ink would work great for the bird cage, but if I wanted the bird inside it, I needed to stamp it first.  I stamped the bird and the musical notes, then stamped the cage over it.  I paired this with a stamp that I used two different colored small ink pads to create a two-toned stamp. Yet another situation when applying the ink to the stamp and not the other way around, makes a huge difference. 

On this smaller card I used just the two-toned stamp for a cute little note card. I paired these with purple paper and this watercolor themed scrapbook paper in similar colors.  I figured the pattern wouldn't overwhelm since the stamps were on plain white paper.  I think they turned out really cute and I look forward to more multi-ink stamping.  


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