Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink Tile

If you follow this blog, you know, that if there's a way to apply alcohol ink, I'll try it. If I see a new way floating around the internet, you bet I'm going to try it out. I may even make up my own ways (wax paper, really?). So I've tried the plastic wrap application a few times. However, every time, I'm too impatient. I wait a few minutes, then a few hours, but each time, it's still wet, and it doesn't work as expected (though still creates some interesting patterns--the clingy nature of plastic wrap allows you to add and remove ink in fun an unique ways even when the ink is wet). So this time, darn it, I was going to let it dry all the way before peeling back the plastic wrap--I was on a mission.

So I grabbed some plastic wrap, alcohol inks, my craft mats, and a 6-inch ceramic tile.

I pulled out a sheet of the plastic wrap and set it on my mat slightly crumpled.

Then I squirted ink onto it. I used colors that I thought would mix together well and not turn brown, but otherwise I just dripped and squirted the ink onto the plastic wrap until I had an area covered that was roughly the size of my 6-inch ceramic tile.

Then I tipped my tile over onto the plastic wrap and tucked the edges around it so it would stay in place. And then I set it aside. I poked at it a few times to see if the ink in the wrinkles was still liquid. Every time I checked it (by poking at it--no peeling off that plastic!) that day, it was still a little wet. So I left it over night.

The next day (I checked the time stamps on the photo--it ended up being about 22 hours between application of the plastic wrap and peeling it off), the ink appeared to be dry even in places where it was dark in the wrinkles of plastic, so I bit the bullet and peeled the plastic off.

And low and behold, the pattern that was visible through the plastic wrap, stayed in place. And it finally worked the way I imagined!

I let it dry several more hours without the plastic on and then gave it a quick spray with Kamar Varnish. This stuff works more as a fixative than as a sealant, so I may follow up later with something else that's more durable and glossy.

I'm really pleased that I finally got this method to work and can't wait to try it on other surfaces. As this is 6 inch tile, I'm not really sure what to do with it. I'll share it here when I come up with something. Until then, happy crafting!


  1. That's wonderful!!! Love the colors, and the idea of plastic wrap. As for ceramic tile, I purchase small easels to fit, and it works beautifully!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yep, I've used little easels and little plate display easels and even glued saw tooth brackets to the back to hang on the wall. There are lots of ways to display ceramic tiles. Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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