Thursday, August 22, 2019

Deadpool Canister

Earlier this week I shared a project where I made some Incredible Hulk Decals for some snack containers. I also had a leftover Folgers can lying around and the red plastic just called out for a Deadpool decal.

I found a design online and traced it in the Silhouette Studio and cut it out of glossy black vinyl. I weeded the design and decided that there were enough fine bits (and at least one section that wasn't attached to the rest of the decal) that I needed to use some transfer paper.

I lined up the transfer paper as best as I could and rubbed it down onto the decal.

Then I peeled the decal up off of the backing paper and applied it to the Folgers can. I rubbed the design down and then carefully peeled back the transfer paper.

Afterwards, I decided that all leftover Folgers cans from here on out are getting a Deadpool decal. (We're a tea household, so this should be an easy decree to keep up.)

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